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Reel-Edge Dual Shadow (3 colors)

Reel-Edge Dual Shadow (3 colors)

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  1. Recommend a COLOR

- Please note that we don't help you with color recommendations because the skin color varies from person to person and the color you want is different


1-1. Recommend a SIZE

- Please note that the size of the eyes varies from person to person, and the eyelid varies from person to person, so we do not recommend the size.


  1. When will it be delivered?

- The order will be shipped the day after the order is placed. (BUSINESS DAY ONLY)

- Delivery Process :

Merythod logic center -> Air Shipping -> Customs Clearance -> Transfer to Local Shipping -> Delivery Completed

(It is difficult to confirm the exact date. Please note that it is difficult to provide accurate shipping information depending on the parcel)


  1. Merythod is No HALAL certified or VEGAN certified. Please refer to it for your purchase.


  1. How to remove makeup

- You can remove makeup with a lip and eye makeup remover


✔️ Country of Manufacture: South Korea

✔️ Expiry Date: 36 months after manufacture, 12 months after opening



This Merythod Pre-Step Pore Primer is especially designed to reduce the appearance of large pores and wrinkles.



Take a moderate amount and apply an even layer to the entire face.


To make come true of women’s wannabe makeup look,

we considered all three fundamental factors of the cosmetics.

Functions, designs, and the colors.


Trustworthy, MERYTHOD 💋


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