Terms of Service

Merythod Korea Official Company (hereinafter referred to as "Our Company") stipulates the following terms and conditions for the use of the Merythod Korea Official Company operated by our company.

Article 1 (Definitions)

In this Regulation, the terms described in the following subparagraphs shall be used in the following meanings respectively.

The term "Merythod Korean Formula" means a system that has the function of publishing information on the provision of goods or services, and providing goods or services online, and is operated by the company on the Internet based on this Agreement.

The term "user" means a person who accesses the Merythod Korean formula.

This service is provided by the company to those who use the Merythod Korean formula based on these terms and conditions, and the contents and types of services are changed and increased at any time according to the company's own judgment. Therefore, the notification shall be made from time to time through the presentation of Merythod officially in Korea, or by e-mail or other means of communication.

Article 2 (Scope and Change of Terms)

1. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to us and users regarding the use of this Service, and users shall faithfully comply with these Terms and Conditions in using the Merythod Korean Formula.

2 The individual regulations stipulated by the Company in accordance with the separate Merythod Korean formula or other methods, and the additional regulations which the Company notifies users from time to time, form part of these Terms and Conditions.

If these Regulations differ from individual regulations and additional regulations, individual and additional regulations shall prevail.

3 We may change these terms and conditions at our sole discretion without your consent. In this case, the terms of use of the service provided by Merythod Korean Formula shall be based on the changed terms of use. This change shall take effect as from the time of notification by e-mail to the address previously notified to us, the official publication of Merythod in Korea, or any other means as we deem appropriate.

4 In the event of any disadvantage or damage to the user due to the change of the agreement, the Company shall not be liable.

Article 3 (Establishment of a Contract)

A contract for the sale of goods sold on this site (hereinafter simply referred to as "goods") (hereinafter simply referred to as "contract") is made when we place an order on this site in the manner specified by us and contact you via e-mail. In addition, we may not accept such orders under our own regulations.

We can call or e-mail you to confirm your order.

Article 4 (Decision of Delivery and Method of Delivery)

You can pay for your purchase by paying back, bank transfer, or credit card. also,

, The remittance fee is borne by the customer.

The payment method determined by the customer on the order screen cannot be changed after the sales contract under Article 3 is established.

For payment by credit card, please check the following before using it.

Customer shall make payment based on the credit card issued by the credit card company approved by us, such as the purchase price of the product, in accordance with the credit card company's membership agreement.

The name of the applicant and the name of the credit card must be the same for us.

In the event of a dispute between the customer and the relevant credit card company, we shall not be liable for any damages, as both parties resolve it.

Article 5 (Matters concerning cancellation)

In the event that the customer falls under any of the following acts, the Company shall promptly notify the customer as indicated, cancel the sales contract with the customer, and take other appropriate measures, and shall not be liable for any damage to the customer.

1. In the case of a situation where the delivery is not completed, such as when the customer visits the delivery at the designated delivery place at the time of order, but is returned to us by the carrier due to unknown destination or long absence. In this case, if the payment method is a credit card, the company will be exempted by refund of the amount minus the postage from the product price to the designated account.

In addition, transportation costs and fees for shipping and returning are borne by the customer.

2. If there is a contact from the credit card company designated by the customer to the effect of defaulting on the credit card,

3. Where it is found that the customer's ability to pay has become dangerous

4. If there is a situation where the product cannot be prepared,

5. In the case of violating any of the other regulations prescribed by the company

6. If payment is not made by the due date

Article 6 (Report of Goods)

In the event of a contract with a customer, the Company delivers the product to the customer-designated destination on the scheduled date of reporting posted at the time of the contract's establishment or the date of reporting designated by the customer, except in the following cases:
(1)In the case of designation or circumstances by the customer.

(2) If the order was received by credit card payment, if the credit company could not obtain approval, or if the credit company needed time to review it.

(3)Case where it falls under multiple quarters of a carrier, such as Nakamoto, Segugi, etc.

4 Cases where traffic conditions are not good due to natural disasters, bad weather, traffic accidents, traffic regulations, etc.

(5) Case where the delivery destination is outside the standard service of the carrier, such as a remote island.

(6) If there is a particular attachment to the sales page of the product.

(7) In the event of a delay in reporting to our company or transportation company.

For the period set forth in the preceding paragraph, we do not guarantee delivery to the customer within that period.

If there is a significant delay in the declaration of the goods or if the declaration becomes impossible, we will contact you in writing, by e-mail, or by telephone.

The destination of the product is limited to Japan. Also, there are places that some remote islands and mountainous areas cannot deliver.

Article 7 (Transaction limit, etc.)

1. In the case of the total order amount of more than 100,000 yen (including the case where the total amount is more than 100,000 yen as a result of multiple orders), payment is not available.

Also, since it is a large order, you may call to confirm your identity. If you can't accept it, we treat the order as a cancellation.

Regardless of the preceding paragraph, even if the total amount of your order is less than 100,000 yen, or if you have already purchased it from this site, please change it to a credit card payment based on the review results set by us or our partners. In this case, if you cannot accept this change, the order will be treated as cancel. Also, if the payment method is changed, the product report may be later than the original notification date, so please understand in advance.

Article 8 (Transfer of ownership and risk)

Ownership of the product is transferred from us to the customer upon completion of the declaration. However, this is not the case if the customer chooses to pay by credit card payment and there is a contract between the credit company and the credit company that the ownership is reserved.

The risk of the product is transferred from us to the customer upon completion of the declaration.

Article 9 (Return/Exchange)

1. In principle, returns or exchanges of products are not allowed. However, we accept returns or exchanges only if the product purchased on this site is damaged or damaged, or if the number of products or items that are different from the number of items ordered arrives.

If you need to return or exchange the product based on the previous paragraph, please return it to the same condition as you received it. For set products, we accept returns or exchanges only in the form of set products.

Please understand that even if you purchase a limited product and wish to exchange it for the reason based on the preceding two paragraphs, you may not be able to prepare it because the quantity is limited.


Returns or exchanges under the preceding Article shall be accepted only within seven days after the arrival of the product (hereinafter referred to as the "Return Period"). Please check the status of the product as soon as possible after it arrives. However, please understand that even within the above return period, products that have been opened or used, and products that have been damaged or damaged due to the customer's responsibility will not be returned or exchanged.

If the product is returned contrary to the previous paragraph, please understand that the product may be returned or destroyed at the customer's expense.

Based on the proviso to paragraph 1, if you need to return or exchange the product, please contact the "Inquiry Contact". We will check the situation and inform you about the return.

We will bear the shipping cost for the return.

Article 10 (Member registration)

The customer shall become an official member of Merythod Korea (hereinafter simply referred to as a "member") by registering as a member according to the procedures separately designated by the company.

We may not approve membership registration if:
(1)Customer is found to have violated any of the agreements or protocols in the past in the services provided by us (not limited to those provided by this Site).

2 If the information reported to us is found to be incorrect or false.

(3) In addition, the case where the company determines that it is inappropriate as a member of the company.

We are not responsible for any disadvantages to Customer caused by Customer registration of incorrect or false information. In addition, in the event of any damage to us, the customer is obligated to compensate for the damage.